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Guide to riding BART & MUNI

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Step 2: Find your stop and wait

The underground stations are all marked with reasonably large MUNI and BART signs. If you see stairs going down Market Street downtown, then you've found a station. MUNI and BART share the downtown stations, so use the signs in the station to find the right entrance.

The outdoor MUNI stops have a sign and, oftentimes, a raised area at the stop.

If you have to wait, listen to your iPod, read something or catch up on your calls. You can also read the N Judah Chronicles on your phone.

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Asian Art Museum

The Asian Art Museum, a gem of San Francisco culture, is one of the largest museums in the world devoted exclusively to Asian art. Its collection spans all major traditions of Asian Art and culture from the past 6,000 years and seven major Asian regions. Explore the samurai culture of ancient Japan, discover the treasures of the Himalayas, or take refuge from the bustling streets of San Francisco amidst the artifacts of an ancient Indian Buddhist temple.

Take MUNI to the Asian Art Museum:

From downtown (Market St. and Powell St.), take the Muni J, Muni K, Muni L, Muni 5, or Muni 21. From the Powell St. underground station, take the Muni J, K, or L Outbound and get off at the Civic Center Station. Walk one block southwest to Larkin St., and then one block north to the museum.

Or, catch the 5 towards Fulton St. and 8th Ave. or towards Cabrillo/La Playa/Ocean Beach at the north corner of Market St. and Powell St. Get off at the northwest corner of McAllister St. and Larkin St. Walk half a block south to the museum.

Or, catch the 21 towards Fulton St. and 8th Ave. at the north corner of Market St. and Powell St. Get off at Market St. and Hyde St. Walk one block west on Grove St. and half a block north on Larkin St.

Each journey will take about 10 minutes total and cost $2.00.

Learn more about the Asian Art Museum at www.asianart.org.