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Guide to riding BART & MUNI

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Step 3: Pay

If you're getting on MUNI at street level stops, you can either pay the driver at the very front of the train $2.00 (no change available) or get on anywhere on the train with a transfer or your prepaid pass. If you're getting on at one of the underground stations downtown, you can either flash your pass or transfer to the agent in the booth or pay $2.00 in change (no dollar bills) in the turnstile machine. There's a machine that will change your bills into dollar coins in some stations. You can also use the BART fare machines, where available, to get quarters. If you want to get a pass, your options are limited to monthly, weekly and other time limited tickets. You can't just buy a pass that you can keep refilling as you need it.. Also, the free MUNI transfer is good for 90 minutes.

The BART system is easy to use. You can buy tickets using cash or credit ticket at machines at the stations. You put your ticket into the fare gate as you go in the station. Keep it handy because you'll have to put it back in a machine on your way out. The ticket will tell you how much money you have left on it. The machine on the exit side will tell you if you don't have enough money on your ticket; use the machines in the station to replenish your ticket and try again.  Be warned, these tickets are easily demagnetized!  Keep them away from purse magnets and cell phones.  Demagnetized tickets can be replaced only at select stations.

Check the MUNI site for information about getting passes that work on both MUNI and BART, or MUNI and Caltrain, etc. MUNI, BART, Caltrain, and VTA all accept the Clipper Card the hot new electronic smart card. Take care of all your transit needs with one card and enjoy the ride. Visit the Clipper website for the most up-to-date information.

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Presidio Tennessee Hollow Watershed

Take MUNI BUS 22 from 16th Street BART station to the end of the MUNI line at Fillmore and Marina. Walk along the Marina Green into the Presidio. You will see Crissy Field Center to your Right after entering the Presidio. The Tennessee Hollow Self guided walk begins at the Marsh to your right just after the East beach Parking Lot

At 270 acres, Tennessee Hollow is the Presidio’s largest watershed (download a map of Self Guided Tour). Its spring-fed tributaries once provided a year-round fresh water source for native people and colonial settlers. Though mainly hidden today beneath roadways and storm drains, the flow of the creek persists, providing an oasis for wildlife. Tennessee Hollow is framed by historic Presidio neighborhoods, and its forests, trails, and playing fields welcome the community. It provides visitors with a rare opportunity to experience an entire watershed – from springs to San Francisco Bay – in just an afternoon hike.

Read about Tennessee Hollow’s History