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Guide to riding BART & MUNI

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Step 7: Get Off

MUNI stops at all of the overground stops downtown no matter what. Exit MUNI when you arrive at your stop. If people won't let you off, politely say "coming out" and“excuse me” . Most of the above ground MUNI stops are optional, so it is recommended that  you pull the wire on the sides of the car before your stop to ensure that the driver stops. You have to press the bar on the side of the steps to get the door to open. Avoid exiting the train at the front, near the driver, unless you absolutely have to. It slows everyone down because people boarding have to wait for you to get off.

BART stops at all stations no matter what. The only thing to note is that the train accelerates and decelerates fast so it's unusually hard to stay upright and make your way to the door.

If you have a bike or luggage, position yourself so that you let the item-less people out first. If you need to get your bearing when you get off, be sure to step away from the door immediately so that you don't block other people getting off the train.

If you rode BART, you'll have to put your ticket back into a turnstile on the way out to complete the paying process.

Follow the exit signs to find your way out. Remember to stand right, walk left on the escalator! People with bikes can't use the escalator; you must walk or use the elevator.

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