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Despite - or maybe because of - our famous steep grades, San Franciscans love to walk!  The city is compact and easy to navigate. And there is something interesting around just about every corner.  Organized theme tours or solo “sole-searching” – the choice is yours!  Either way, you’ll enjoy taking in San Francisco at a walking pace

San Francisco Hills

Challenge San Francisco’s many hills by foot San Francisco’s natural inclinations offer some challenging ascents for even the most physically fit. As one anonymous person quipped, "When you get tired of walking around in San Francisco, you can always lean against it." Among the steepest streets: Filbert between Leavenworth and Hyde (31.5 percent grade); 22nd Street between Church and Vicksburg (31.5 percent grade); Jones between Union and Filbert (29 percent grade); Duboce Avenue between Alpine and Buena Vista (27.9 percent grade). For those who prefer to step verses climb, explore one or more of San Francisco’s more than 300 stairways scattered throughout the city which range from the local flights of steps hidden by trees and small gardens, to the dramatic, carefully landscaped stairs found in more widely traveled places such as the famous "crooked" Lombard Street.

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